Edraw Max 7.9 Crack With Serial Key Full Version Free Download

Edraw Max 7.9 Crack With Serial Key Full Version Free Download

 Edraw Max 7.9 Crack is the best graphic creating designing software. This is most reliable for making maps, charts, and clip board designs. It is the Only one graphic software that create the flow Charts, Organization Charts, Fashion designs, UML diagrams and building planes. It is equally useful for teachers, students, businessmen, professional and unprofessional people. You can create your maps, Charts of different kinds, Your pamphlet, Posters, Presentations, business administration charts. The graphic software works like Corel Draw. The software provides the about 6000 vector symbols and also their measurements. The Drawing is not easy for this. The software is mainly used to make a large range diagrams such as buildings, Mosques, temples, and other such a respectable buildings. The software provide very light source of designing. But its strength and the flexibility is very high. The diagram can support all the formats of graphics such as PDF, SVG, EPS. The diagram made by this can be shared via Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Power Point. The software can support all king of OS and also Windows Vista, Windows 7 and also latest version of Windows 8.

Features for Edraw:

  • Edraw is like the Microsoft Office Style.
  • The Excellent Colour scheme and also Very good quality of the graphics. The image formed can also more brighten or supported to progress.
  • The graphics can be put into Word, Excel and Power Point.
  • It also use the text and also all the text styles, methods etc.
  • Zoom in and Zoom out is very quick and easy using this program.
  • Recolor and the Development of graphic in PNG is also supported.
  • It also contain more than 2000 Clip art.
  • This software provide the high quality and also create SVG graphics.

How to Activate It:

  • First of all install your software and then download the Crack to activate.
  • Run the program and then close it.
  • Copy “user.cfg” from ‘Crack’ folder to: C:\Users\{**YOUR USERPROFILE NAME**}\Documents\Edraw Max\Config\User.cfg
  • Open/Merge ”addreg.reg” file from ‘RegKey’ folder
  • Then enjoy your activated software.


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