SmadAV Pro 2014 Rev 9.7.1 Registration Key With Crack Latest Version Free Download

SmadAV Pro 2014 Rev 9.7.1 Registration Key With Crack Latest Version Free Download

SmadAV Antivirus is developed by some Junior Malaysian developers. The new version of SmadAV has been improved as compare to other previous versions. The software is basically a light program which can be used separately with any other Free or Paid antivirus like Avast, however the application will be suitable for those PC’s having no internet connection at all..! SmadAV Antivirus is specially programmed for removing Trojan and rootkits from USB’s.

Still there are many reasons to choose SmadAV Antivirus as an additional layer of security for your PC. Currently the program is only available for PC users. It is available in both Free and Paid Versions. The Free version supports all basic versions, however you can’t use it for your own profit legally also the free version doesn’t support Automatic updates. The paid version supports automatic updates and you can also use it for your own profit. SmadAV is a very light application, its setup is only 1.6MB in size and its updates are less than an MB..! The software will update automatically itself, once in a month.

SmadAV Pro 2014 Rev 9.7.1 Registration Key With Crack Latest Version Free Download

The default language of the antivirus is Malaysian, however user can choose English while installing the software. SmadAV Antivirus 2014 features, different types of scanning option. The Quick scan feature will scan specific parts of your PC forpossible malware threat. With custom scan feature, user can scan specific folders normally. The Full System Scan option can be used for scanning all of your PC’s hard drives at once, however this feature is not optimized for faster scans. Many users are facing slow scanning problem, even with a High end machine.

Some basic tools are also available for certain actions in any critical case of malware attack. SmadAV has its own Process Manager, in the case of malware attack. You can access any program with its Process Manager. System Editor is another feature for replacing default application of Windows with SmadAV tools. User can access important files with Winforce feature. This feature can be a blessing in the case of any malware attack. Another feature is really handy for securing your precious files and data, Smad-lock has been introduced for the first time in SmadAV antiviruses. You can create a specific folder in your hard drive in which you can save your precious files. Your files will be secured, even in a malware attack.

Instructions for Installing SmadAV Antivirus

This is a torrent file, you must have UTorrent installed on your PC.
Disable your Internet connection and your current antivirus temporally.
Open the setup and install it in its default directory. Usually C/Windows/Program Files is the default directory.
After installing the application, open the (.nfo) file by choosing notepad or any other Office suite.
There you will find a key, enter it.
Restart your PC.
Done, now your software is registered
Support the developers, if you like this software.



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