KMPlayer 2015 Crack With Serial Key Free Download

KMPlayer 2015 Crack With Serial Key Free Download

Did you recently installed a fresh copy of Windows? Obviously, you’ll now have to reinstall all those 3rd party applications and utilities. If you are looking for a perfect media player which works with almost all major formats, then KMPlayer 2015 Crack would surely be a perfect choice for you. However, keep in mind that it is a Freeware application, you’ll have to face some unwanted offers, installations, pop-ups and maybe, some ads on your desktop. KMPlayer has some leading features, which makes it perfect than its competitors out there. If you are looking for an Ad-free alternative, then VLC player would be the one you are looking for.

KMPlayer 2015 Crack With Serial Key Free Download

KMPlayer 2015 Crack supports 3D Videos, you can even change the video type into 3D. However, this will not actually make your video, 3D. There will be some improvements, but it can’t be called a real thing. Developers have integrated some customization option. You can move the toolbar to specific spaces. The default theme can also be replaced with a new one. There is not much to configure. However, if you wish to do so, you can do it my accessing the preferences. The audio track can be changed, by right clicking and navigating to audio tracks settings.

Recommended: VLC Media Player 2.2.0

Installation process is a little irritating for newbies. KMPlayer offers to install, unwanted, third party applications. I prefer you to choose the advance option while installing the KMPlayer 2015 Crack. It may still offer you some add-ons and third party applications, just un-check them and move on to the next option. You can install it at any random place. KMPlayer is already available on their official website, (it’s a freebie) However, you can download the latest version from our site.

How to Install KMPlayer 2015 Crack ?

  • Install the main package.
  • Choose the advanced option while installation to un-check all those unwanted offers.
  • Done!